Hear From Our Clients …

Just to let you know, I met with Jeanette Kinahan today, and it was really good. We agreed we would meet again next week and we planned a few things to do in between then.

Thanks so much for arranging – it was something I didn’t know I had needed.

I have just had my last session with Jeanette and what a wonderful experience. My interactions with Jeanette Kinahan will allow me to be mindful and move forward in a positive direction. Jeanette reminded me about strategies I had learnt in the past both with dramas with life and issues I had at work.

Jeanette reminded me that I am resilient and strong, and at times I can be emotional but need to put fear aside as an observer and not allow it to take over the event. Jeanette said that I should not be apprehensive about showing my authentic self; thus I am taking this opportunity to thank you for recommending Jeanette, I thank you also for listening and helping organising the meetings with Jeanette, and last but not least Jeanette for reminding me that I am a strong individual and can move forward in my professional life by putting steps into place to redeem a professional relationship with ………..

Jeanette is highly regarded and maintains the highest professional standards and ethics. She has always conducted herself with the highest levels of personal integrity and enjoys the respect of peers and clients alike. Jeanette brings a wealth of experience to her professional roles and adopts a positive, pro-active and sensitive approach to relationships with stakeholders and clients.

Thank you Jeanette! I will be making great use of all the tools you have provided. Thank you for making this session very engaging and giving us time to quietly reflect and process the information, it really helps viewers get involved and really helps apply the information to me personally.  Love your energetic presenting thank you 🙂